Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Flower Power

"Testing, testing, one, two, three."

My last day at school and time to experiment, I have found a light place to take some photographs, the only problem seems to be the camera is leaning the wrong way making me look as though I am toppling over backwards so apart from that I am good to go for yet another bumpy ride of sartorial style roll on Flowering Friday!
Flowers are big news in London right now, we might all be wearing stripes but the shop windows are screaming flowers. This shop on Bond Street was a triumph of blooms and has given me my new moniker. Selfridges, the gift that just keeps on giving, there window displays are amazing and they are currently promoting guerrilla gardening. Which brought to mind a story I heard once about a bored commuter who once threw seeds out of a window onto the railway sidings and gained pleasure later as he saw how they grew. This may have been one of those apocryphal stories but I love the idea just the same. There is a thistle too called Mrs Willmott's ghost, and every where Mrs Willmott's went she left a little reminder to flower the following year. brilliant.
Finally this quirky little knitting shops sits in one of the prettiest streets in London, Camden Passage is a great place to while away an hour or two before shopping on Upper Street, it is one of the few places to still have vintage shops and a second hand market stalls.

From now on all posts are post dated, I am signing off for a well earned break, although not before I have to have two, yes two, fillings at the dentist tonight.

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materfamilias said...

Ha! The Printemps windows are doing something very similar -- I'll have to check out selfridge's next week. So sad you won't be there, but have a lovely, lovely holiday -- and thanks so much for those wonderful Kettle's Yard photos -- that place really has to get to the top of my list soon!