Thursday, 28 April 2011

Summer Time and the living is easy...

Well a three day week, what's not to love?
I am as you can see really struggling with the lighting in these self portraits, I will crack it eventually,

The moniker comes courtesy of Jim Lambie, the shop I photographed a couple of weeks back was in fact a gallery owned by Damien Hurst who was hosting a pop up shop of his wife's designs with the shop dummy's wearing flower faces created by Jim Lambie..
Convoluted I know, but I love the idea of a big flowery head so I guess I will stick with it for this summer term.

Summer? Yes, already, although temperatures are slumping rapidly this week cut down by a bitter NE wind so the thermals are back underneath!

So what about Weymouth, well that's for another day as last night I packed for Berlin and will be winging my way tonight via a short stop over in Brussels. Emin's treat as he desperately needed to escape the extreme jingoism that has permeated everywhere, which has the effect of raising his very un-xenophobic blood pressure to the point where he shouts at the television, so we are best out of it.
I was so in the chill out zone when I came back to work I had forgotten my password to log on, it took me an hour of thinking before I finally found all my bloguettes and caught up with some reading.

I was going to have a little rant about a blog written by a fashion editor, but it seems petty and churlish since no one makes me read it so I deleted it.

I think I just miss the point of some blogs, but isn't irksome when someone sets them self up as an independent blogger only to then use it as a vehicle to bang on about their latest editorial in the magazine they work for? Worse, they start promoting various events they are at and the cherry on top of the cupcake was describing a designer as the 'prettiest new boy in town' I'm all for a bit of eye candy but to reduce the ability of someone who has clearly worked hard to get to the top of a design house tree down to a pretty face was just insulting. Oh, I guess I had a little rant then. Still she has a gazillion readers so who's laughing now?

It's refreshing therefore to catch up with this blog which really is a very intelligent viewpoint

I have found an ingenious way of avoiding those vile American Apparel Ad's on the Sartorialist's blog, you can down load a Sartorialist 'ap' and thus just see the photographs..bliss.

God am I really just a grumpy old bitch or what?

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Frank Zweegers said...

Great read. Fun article!