Sunday, 10 April 2011

A miriad of reasons to start sewing again

My favourite neck line I would love this dress in black.

I found the Cloth Shop, now I have found pattern inspiration in abundance.

These patterns are a glimpse into the past and yet each and every one of them could be worn today with the right fabric. For me what sorts the wheat from the chaff is the ability to pattern cut and sadly for me I was chaff all the way. Bizarrely I could adapt a pattern, yet I could never design and cut a pattern from scratch.

The genius of some of the best designers is in the pattern cutting, just go and look at a piece of Rick Owens or Alexander Wang, not only is the fabric heavy and luxurious but the garment is perfectly constructed by a pattern cutting genius. Why I stopped sewing I don't know, I have a sewing machine and I do love to sew, I guess I need absolute uninterrupted peace to focus, something very thin on the ground in our house. But having seen the array of beauty in The Cloth House I am sorely tempted to dip a toe or two. Meanwhile I have chosen these beauties from this amazing website.

Imagine this in a wonderful navy spot silk crepe, or a very soft plaid.

This I love, I can imagine it in a thin glazed cotton with contrasting pockets.

Again very COS if you imagine this in a glazed black cotton.

This is perfect for chambray and would not look out of place in a fashion spread today.

Finally I could float around in this duster coat all day, no problem

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