Monday, 11 April 2011

Hot in the city

I did not have quite the abundance of time I normally have on a Saturday, after dropping Leyla off I then went to take Kitty to Kings Cross to put her on a train to York, whilst sitting sharing a coffee I read the previous day's Evening Standard where there was a revue of a new exhibition at the Gagosian, literally just around the corner. It seemed churlish not to go especially because the space is massive and it is always brilliantly curated. The paintings are, as is often with Gagosian huge, many are wonderful, some less so, but it was worth the trip and as I had to run an errand for Emin I forwent the Nancy Spero again... Despite my best intentions, I just know I will end up missing it. On the way back to the bus stop I had a go at collecting some sartorial style, keeerhist people do move quickly when I am trying to focus! So first up 2 lovely ladies who could have been style by Ms de la Fressange herself.
Now I realise this one is not easy to see but I just loved the white shirt dress she was wearing with the stripy leggings.

More stripes which are slowly turning this city and others into an Op Art fest.

Layaers with red, I really want a nice denim skirt like this one.

Oh to be young and wearing sleeveless floral's again

Just how much more stylish could a cyclist be? This was taken in Cambridge, yes I went, all day Sunday, a truly better day I could not have picked, I schlepped around various colleges before hitting kettles Yard as the door opened, I finally cracked it, as you may see later. but I was able to catch some street shots too.

I love the proportions of this and the Orla Kiely bag too.

See what I mean? Stripes everywhere!

Moi of course in spots just to be perverse!

I am at work today and tomorrow so may get a chance to post a few more photographs from Cambridge, then I am away for a few weeks but I have managed to stock up on some post dated goodies so keep looking.

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