Friday, 1 April 2011

Monochrome Miffy's penultimate week

Last night I had a quick sandwich + coffee @ Pret, The one on the corner next to St Martin-in-the-Fields, if you sit facing outside you get to watch the world go by. Last night it felt unseasonably warm, confused overheated bodies still wrapped in pea coats and winter boots sweated whilst younger more reckless fashionista's anticipating the change were already wearing their summer floral's or stripes...stripes are everywhere this year. Mixed into the mele are novice cyclist's unsteadily weaving nervously through the rush hour traffic on their Boris Bikes watched by a man in his brand new orange Lamborghini which purr's past my window.

So now that Spring has nearly sprung and I am thinking about moving back to taking self portraits using natural light, plus summer clothes tend to have more colour, so I am scouting for locations. I am also thinking abut a new moniker as I feel Miffy needs to move on, maybe I will switch to a Moomin! Kitty expressed a love of Moomin pottery last week, ever one to please I went to buy her a mug only to discover it cost £17!!!! HOW is that possible for a piece of factory farmed bog standard pottery with a mass produced transfer print?For £17 I want Ming porcelain painted by the offspring of vestal virgins. So, no she did not get a Moomin mug.

Sartorial style this week was surprisingly OK, temperatures were rising and so the day I ventured out in sockless feet they of course plummeted and it rained.. still hard to moan in stripes.

Last night I went to a flash photography workshop, I met an interesting photographer Marysa Dowling who gently tried to guide us through the mechanics with a somewhat whirlwind tutorial pegged on the back of seeing Ida Kar & Hoppe @ NPG both as Mater reported are superb exhibitions and if you knew my love of St Ives artists you would know I was in heaven looking at some of Kar's photographs. I wanted the catalogue but bought a bracelet!! seriously if you saw the bracelet you would understand why.

My itinerary tomorrow is undecided if the weather is nice probably the Nancy Spero @ Serpentine if not maybe Yohji photographs @ Purdy Hicks, the choice is continuously endless. I am conscious my photographic output has plummeted, I will if possible resume tomorrow but sometimes I just have nothing left to give, this is primarily because I have worked so hard on helping Kitty with her coursework I am mentally exhausted, I will be so glad when it's over.

What I am most looking forward to is Daisy, who is arriving on Sunday to come and see Peter Kaye @ O2, hard to believe these tickets were booked 18 months ago and now the moment is here, he better make me laugh or else!

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materfamilias said...

This is a lovely post -- I can so visualize you sitting there, watching the world go by. And you've perfectly described how this kind of weather separates the sheep (the ones in the overheated pea coats!) from the lambs (bare legs, halter tops, flip-flops).

Looking forward to seeing who/what replaces Miffy (who has done a stellar job)