Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A Peace Treaty

No, not with Daisy but scarves! I have had a notion to top up my scarf collection for a while now, I found a wonderful dip dye wool & silk one in COS but I have hankered after a maroon silk spotted one for years. Can I find one? No, I decided that I may have greater success if I just look for the fabric, silly me, again wrong, no chance, and yes I did go in e-v-e-r-y single shop on Broadwick street, ALL of them, I tried to think out of the box, one shop had a lovely navy blue spotty fabric but since I wear a lot of blue I decided it was too much. There is a hidden gem of a fabric shop on Broadwick street called The Cloth Shop, it sells delicious linen's and calico's with the accent on vintage & ethnic fabrics. It has picked up the baton Liberty's dropped when they marginalised their trimming's section and I promise it is easy to loose an hour fingering the various pieces from the far east. Not for the first time do I regret not focusing my time at college printing scarves, because I could print exactly what I desire so easily with the right facilities. I have decided to cast my net wider and after Easter I am going to try some of the sari centers in Brick lane, after which I will make a choice. If money were no object this company make the most heavenly selection. A Peace Treaty

Of course my favourite shop Totokaelo stocks them too.

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Mardel said...

Lovely selection of scarf you share with us. The links are yummy too.