Friday, 8 April 2011

Monochrome Miffy takes a bow

I have some ideas for a new monikor to try out next week when there are less distractions around me, meanwhile here are the last outfits of this half term which has flown by, even now I can't quite take on board that I will be alone next week, although I am working for half of it, so I am down to only a couple of days to get through a litany of spring cleaning as well as trying to shed a few pounds that have surreptitiously crept on over the last few weeks, this will be achieved by walking the dog and attempting to ratchet up my gym work out which has become almost sedentary! On the far right my new 'boyfriend' jeans which may not be wholly flattering but sometimes it's nice to wear something a little less fitted. I am somehow trying to get to Cambridge on Sunday, yes I know I keep going, and yes I could go somewhere new, but I need my Kettles Yard fix and soon. To make it a challenge I am going to take my macro lens and if as predicted the sun is shining there is now better place to capture moving shadows than Kettle's Yard so fingers crossed. Saturday is same old same old, you know, but again the sun is out so maybe I could forgo the galleries and focus on some London style, we shall see.

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