Friday, 15 April 2011

It is always the unexpected that delights the most

A couple of weeks back I went down Cork street to look at a couple of exhibitions, I had a peek inside the Alan Christea and look what I found. Picasso never disappoints, seriously this man is the gift that just keeps on giving. Many of the most memorable exhibitions have been Picasso retrospectives and one of my all time favourites was the recent show at the Gagosian. This one although tiny was exquisitely formed as is the catalogue worth every penny of its £25 I could look at these for hours, everything about the brush stokes the mark making is so good, so I scanned them to share with you.


Patricia G said...

Each one fascinating & loaded with information. Thank you for sharing.

materfamilias said...

We just saw his illustrations for Aime Cesaire's work here in Paris -- we'll keep an eye out for this Gallery next week.
Interesting to see your artist's take on these -- obviously you get much more out of the work's surface than I do as the brush strokes tell you a story of their own.