Monday, 4 April 2011

The view from here

After dropping Leyla off at her Saturday School I have discovered a short cut through this very small park next to an estate of flats. They are I think Council houses called optimistically Spa House, they sit opposite Saddlers Wells so the clue to the areas origins is in the name I guess. The flats are without a doubt some of my favourites in London, they grew on me very slowly but familiarity has payed dividends because I now see the beauty in their simplicity. Built in the 1930's they have wonderful proportions and huge windows which must flood them with light. When you contrast these flats with the meanness of proportion of those built in the seventies they make the latter look shameful and shoddy and it's no wonder these continue to stand whilst younger ones have been demolished. They look particularly lovely framed by blossom in a local park and that seasonal song "It's the most wonderful time of the year" suddenly seems more appropriate for now.

I then went by the wonderfully scenic 19 bus to Sloane Square to visit some galleries, one shop I love is Agnes B but sadly I am too chunky monkey for them, I am often puzzled why all those young blogger's are so obsessed by Isabel Marrant when to me these clothes are so much nicer.

Still if you can't have the clothes you can have this lovely necklace.
Perfect with stripes non?

Talking of perfection, I was tripping over gorgeous sartorial style of a certain age, my only problem was keeping up with them!

Difficult to tell but her scarf matched the circles of her coat, it was lovely and that hair is pretty lovely too.

Love the whole matchy matchy thing with the red scarves

This woman was so quick, so I failed to capture the whole picture properly but I loved the way this scarf was tied complemented by dangly earrings.

After Mater had regaled us with images of Parisians, all very chic in their neat jackets, ballet flats and pipe cleaner trousers I commented that when in Paris I miss the WTF moments that London has in abundance, and just to illustrate my point I give to you...

OK, so she has the ballet flats but if we are playing sartorial top trumps I win!

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