Wednesday, 17 October 2007

out with the old

Last week I threw out most of my underwear I am sick of checking for holes in tights, putting on tights that don’t quite fit, tights and feel horrible. Most of my tights are many years old, an eclectic selection of mostly black opaque but sometime what says opaque is frequently darkish grey/black, plus the pile seemed to breed inside the draw and working on the principle less means I can see more, out they went, as did all my bras and pants. I just do not have the figure to wear them any more. I have often favoured `body’s` since a recurrent kidney infection I like to feel warm and snug but sadly not many places sell them and the designer at M&S is nothing short of a sadist just try wearing one, they are cut so badly and as for their obsession with detachable straps don’t go there, I am fed up and tired of their ill fitting clothes, underwear and tights. UK Tights came up trumps again with some fabulous opaques that are really opaque and because they come in different sizes they fit, utter bliss. The best thing about this company as opposed to My Tights is they always have the stock advertised and they delivered the next day, less than 24 hours. My Tights has posher brands but I cannot wait 2 weeks. My other bizarre indulgence has been from TK Maxx. Where I work there are no decent shops but there is TK Maxx, favourite finds have included a Mandarin Duck bag and Falke tights, most recently I bought some really lovely wired fitted vests to keep me slim and trim far more comfortable than `body's` I just wish I had bought more. Now if I could stop buying grey knitwear….

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