Friday, 12 October 2007

Love it pt 1

I have become completely addicted to Who do you think you are I just love how peoples preconceptions about their origins get exploded and how quickly you can trace some lines of your family back to 1600s which my Uncle has managed to do easy if there is little movement. I love the skeletons that appear in every closet and most of all how one small decision leads to such huge consequences, sometimes the difference between life and death. I know my mother’s family is mostly from stable stock with few surprises that we did not know about. My father’s family is the one that hold all the secrets and probably the most interest, the lock I would like to have the key for is the one that explains my colour. My family is pale, very pale I even have a blond daughter, all my cousins are blond many of my family have auburn hair with very pale freckled skin so why am I so dark? I am talking the kind of dark that gets you called a "Paki" when you’re a child, the kind of dark that convinces people you either use a sun bed or fake tan, the kind of dark that people constantly question the genetic relationship with my family. Emin's theory is that my mother must have slept with a Portuguese milkman, The truth I suspect lies a few generations back. The good part is I don’t need to use any product to keep brown other than a vigorous scrub, fashionable or not I do like being dark.

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RoxyBlue said...

My mother is also dark, with almost black hair and dark brown eyes and tans instantly. Yet, we three children are all pale with blonde hair and variously colored light eyes. My mom jokes about gypsy blood hiding somewhere in the family tree which grandma hotly denies. lol