Sunday, 14 October 2007

Oh yes thats me

I have started to read the Guardian a lot since I gave up the car, the bad part is I listen to less music as the only 2 places I can tolerate sound is in the car or at the gym. I get the feeling a lot of new music is passing me by. My favourite Guardian is the Saturday one, I like Tim Dowling, Lucy Mangan, Matthew Norman, and the best of all `Living with teenagers` which along with Liz Jones Diary is compulsive reading, their car crash relationships make me feel like my life is not so bad. Also good are the various little subsections like "what I see in the mirror" Q&A and `Peek at the diary` which this week featured everyones favourite Sarah Jessica Parker. Most make me laugh or sigh with empathy such as Juliet Stevenson who answers that she "does not feel like the person she looks like". Someone I knew once said her reflection always came as a surprise and as a vain 20 something I did not quite understand but as a vain 40 something I totally understand. Stephenson also goes on to say that she "hates the feeling of impotence in the face of cruelty or injustice" which is so true for many of the articles I read the more I read the smaller I feel. .

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