Monday, 15 October 2007

The sound of silence

For a brief moment all was quiet in the house of chaos, the builders gone home. Leyla at violin, Kitty at swimming. Just me and Daisy who rather surprisingly elected to draught a french conversation. Daisy like many teenagers talks the talk but rarely delivers, most nights sees her reading some tome or other about piskies, elves and various magical quests. Today was a bad day because a deadline clashed with rehearsals and an audition and she didn't know the song she had to sing so as usual she did something else and has prepared an argument for an extension to her coursework deadline. I think she would make a better barrister than pathologist. Daisy measures her success by other peoples failure when quizzed about a mediocre test result she always says someone brighter scored a lower percentage, or better still "Hey If I'm that good without revision think how good It will be when I do revise" well daisy I don't suppose we will ever know.

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