Monday, 29 October 2007

Weekend from Hell

I don't like to moan but... tough I just can not keep It in. I had meant to go to Oxford for 3 days I ended up going for just 1 day. Friday, Emin turned into Rumpelstiltskin and DEMANDED that I stay and supervise the builders I endured a 30 minute rant about my selfish hedonistic behaviour and lack of responsibility over the loft extension. I felt this was a tad unjustified as we are paying a project manager to over see the work, why manage the manager?
Day 1 Friday the builders told us we had 30 minutes to leave for the day as they were knocking part of the ceiling down so Emin looked stupid but said nothing, so I bundled my stuff in a suitcase and waited till 3o'clock when I was allowed to leave London, 4 hours later in Oxford I sat down to a lovely roast dinner.
Day 2 Oxford with Leyla and Kitty and my Mum, Hell, total hell, 3 people needed attention. My daughters turn into the rudest most hideously argumentative children you will ever see.
Day 3 We were supposed to go to Kew Gardens but a slow start plus rain and wind plus no trains to Kew meant we went back to the Tate Modern. Girls behaviour see above. Daisy was left to revise, her Eczema is so bad she can barely write and she has f***ed up her DT project so tears and sadness there too.
Home by 6 o'clock Emin a tad calmer but could I feel more miserable..
Day 4 Work, thank God

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