Thursday, 11 October 2007

Street V Catwalk

Yesterday during a lesson we discussed stereotyping and it was my sad duty to break it to the girls that they too had become victims of stereotyping, being from a Medway town most people perceive these girls as Chavs. Just take these girls out on a school trip wearing non school uniform and you will get a flavour of all they hold dear, articulated clown pendants HUGE gold hoop earrings hair straightened within an inch of its life plus an extra 2 feet of hair extension. It is a vision, whether they all subscribe to the tribe or not they are all perceived to be.
One area of catwalk I am grateful for that has filtered down is the trend for over sized bags, 10 years ago the trend was for gym bags leaving books battered and dog eared, worse still the recent trend was for tiny little handbags so small girls had to roll their books up tight and ram them in, and much as though we told them not to they did, or better still left the book in the classroom and did nothing at home except on various fragment of scrap paper.
Of course celebrity big bags do not appeal to everyone the Emo’s have adopted their own IT bag, the pre school rucksack adorned with various CBBC cartoon characters such as Noddy and everyone’s favourite including Marc Jacobs Sponge Bob case, so maybe these girls can be cutting edge after all.

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