Tuesday, 9 October 2007

What I want, not what I need

I have many accessories that I love but don't wear, the above are my 3 favourites. I also have accessories that are essential but lack the wow factor including my plain gray cashmere scarf fringed down the side, it is warm and feels lovely. Other essentials are a plain pink belt which goes with everything and doesn't stick out under clothing, faux zebra skin Birkenstock's which I am so close to wearing out its scary but I cannot imagine life without them. Current jewellery love is a silly smokey glass beaded necklace I made as a joke yet looks lovely with everything, other more glamorous stuff is stuck in the box and no doubt will get restrung next Easter. I do fall for statement pieces yet the plain is what I need, sadly however since Daisy has cost me a whopping £60 in 5 days there is no shopping till payday and what breaks my heart is that money could have got me a Dries Van Noten skirt of Ebay.

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