Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Please Mr Rocha

You get this when you eat...


A recent survey suggested that most European men would like to sleep with a French woman. Most European men have actually slept with an English woman.. We may not look so hot but we are having fun!

Yesterday I finally made it to Dover Street market, what a surreal place much bigger than I thought and surprisingly accessible. Leyla was happy too, toilets AND a selection of mirrored changing rooms to play in. Monster heaven. Seeing Ann Demeulemeester clothes in the flesh, amazing, the prices amazing too but so was the quality. Also of note beautiful jewellery.

Open letter to John Rocha I love your clothes but why tuck them away in a shop all be it a beautiful shop with no display windows? Half the fun for us SE postcode bumpkins is pressing our nose against the glass and dreaming. Opening a clothing emporium in a former pub with beautiful Georgian glass squares is no fun, nor is an empty shop with girls wistfully staring out. Gripe number two why does the collection you design for Debenhams bear no relation to your catwalk show? Please, less clothes, but with a more personal touch.

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