Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Sartorial love

This morning my youngest daughter told me the top I was wearing was manky, I kind of know what she means as its a wool t shirt loose fitting, but I love the colour turquoise especially when worn with my black silk cardie decked with lots of Rochaesqe frills so I guess manky is good for me. I have been a bit sad and printed off quite a few of the images posted by the Satorialist recently and pasted them into a scrap book, but seen together they do give me inspiration and last weekend I did the usual getting everything out and putting together lots of new outfits so for the next two weeks I am good to go in 5 Min's. The above photographs are my favourites but what I have also noticed is he always gets the person to stand against a great backdrop making the whole photo look so much better.

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