Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Books on there way to me

All these purchases have been inspired by reading the blogs of others so a big thank you to anyone who recommends a good read. I cant wait to read them. One book got left behind due to the long wait but I will add it to next months basket.
I have two visitors to London in November. First is the sister from " up north" who is working for a week down here. Second is my globe trotting uncle an Englishman who lives in Australia but currently working in Moscow he is coming here to renew his Visa. He has not been to London for 10 years so he wants to see what's changed. I have put a small itinerary together for him which includes Canary Wharf by DLR and the entire Southbank from the Design center to the London Eye, any other suggestions gratefully received although his visit is less than a week. My other sister is back from Cuba and loved it so that's another one to add to my wish list.

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