Thursday, 10 July 2008

The challenge goes on

Well, I tried on a number of outfits last night, the main factor for me is weather, I do not move around in a hermetically sealed environment so my clothes have to survive the elements. So of course the biggest problem is shoes, at work I can get a way with Havaianas or Birkenstocks. When it’s a little cooler I have a pair of plain black ballet flats, but black does not cut it with a blue wrap linen dress, or many other summery linen outfits I have.
What I need but do not have is a comfortable pair of slightly dressier shoes, but of course there is the problem of ‘the foot’ For any new readers this is my swollen left foot. Swollen because the tendons are so knotted they have formed a hard bridge across the toes. My body then works hard to maintain a constant bubble of water to protect the swelling so that if you were to drop a pebble onto the foot, ripples would gently float across the surface. I would like to say that this is my only flaw; after all we can’t all be perfect. However I have, uneven teeth, pigmented skin on my face, and eyes that rarely focus or work as a team resulting in big fat streaming tears. Add to this an inability to eschew all things sweet and sugary and we have a body that need substantial propping.
So, because it is wet and I do not have said dressy shoes, I will need to wear something to match the black flats.
I did come up with an ideaas yesterday I received a pair of black wool Capri trousers I ‘won’ on eBay. The description failed to illuminate the buyer that they were in fact the trousers of a matador, the waist sitting two inches below my arm pit. Luckily for me my shape is apple so I got them on and secondly because they are Toast I was able to zip them up. Breathing was optional. For some unknown reason I had left them at school, but realised that coupled with a balloon sleeved blouse I had at home they could be just the ticket. And a bonus point, they go with the shoes.
But what if it looked wrong? I would have to wear to work, my ‘back up’ outfit. Initially this was a high waisted double front flared skirt with a runched silk cardie. But then as the sun was out (I do struggle with black in the sun) I went for a long flared heavy buttermilk cream linen skirt a navy sleeveless Tee and a fitted slate grey linen cardie. This works with the flats. So Bingo it’s all good.
Because my mother does ‘BIG’ necklaces I will not compete, so either outfit will be worn with an antique crystal necklace. I have had this necklace for over 20 years; it is very beautiful, probably Edwardian. When it went out of fashion I split it and hung it in a window Feng Shui style! But it is now back as a much loved necklace. But oh for a pair of neat size 4 feet.


materfamilias said...

hilarious and oh-so-recognizable description of the many permutations we go through trying to put together the right outfit. Sounds as if you've arrived at a lovely solution, especially with that necklace as crowning touch.
And am I right in discerning Gypsy/Existentialist? (I haven't read Doonan's book yet but am trusting Une Femme's summary)

auntiegwen said...

I bought a grey cashmere cardigan yesterday and thought of you !

from gap, reduced from £79 to £34.99, hip length, v neck, with 2 patch pockets.

I'm very happy

indigo16 said...

Oh I do love grey, Oh God I am really a Gypsy? Probably though. My outfit was a tad too similar to my mothers for comfort though!