Thursday, 3 July 2008

The Eagle has flown the nest

Daisy left for Oxford Tuesday evening, (I miss her already) she had a brief induction yesterday and started work at 7.15am this morning serving breakfasts. That is certainly a baptism by fire, it is conference time in the Oxford colleges, most of the temporary staff are Polish or French, so I told her to practise her French, but I know she won’t. Instead she will read, her current addiction is for Agatha Christie.
What has cheered Daisy up is she may get some extra hours working in the Library; Daisy loves the idea of working in a library. She did her work experience in one and loved it, so with this experience we are hoping she can get a part time job to fund the list of trips she came home from her sixth form induction with. Seriously the school is offering over the next two years the following
Swiss medical exchange
Working with children in Gambia
Hiking in the Himalayas
Exchange to Japan
Skiing in America

I was lucky to get a pot holing trip to the Dales when I was her age. She graciously eschewed the China trip and totalled the rest at over £4000. So she had better get working. Oh of course there is the problem of studying for 4 A’ Levels. She has chosen Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Drama. Daisy is desperate to become a Pathologist which of course entails 7 years of medical school. I think some cloth cutting maybe in order here.


materfamilias said...

Wow! She sounds like an interesting, motivated, and independent young woman, for 17. And bright as well, if she's choosing the Maths, Physics, and Chem! Cross your fingers -- perhaps she'll be sending you cheques in your old age (I tease my own that this is my ultimate dream . . .)

auntiegwen said...

Ah, that's where I'm at too. Eldest Beautiful Daughter is taking English Lit, History, Drama (but it's called Theatre Studies at our school)and either psychology or sociology. She has been focused all the way through to doing a drama degree, she does masses of ex curr drama.

Last week she tells me she doesn't want to study drama at uni and now has no clue what she will do instead !

indigo16 said...

She is 15! and yes, my retirement home is in her hands....
Yes, It is called Theatre Studies here too If she does not achieve straight A's next year her dream will be over. No pressure!
I think she too has thespian dreams deep down.