Monday, 14 July 2008

Henry Moore's sculpture garden

On Friday morning I bundled my fragile, rather hungover body into the back of my mothers friend's VW Polo. I do not travel well, least of all in the back of cars. Add to this nauseous mix, a spot of map reading, a Bi-Polar driver and I really though I might have to stop the car and walk. Once there however our guide was incredibly enthusiastic, he said when looking at the sculptures in the garden, on no two days did they look the same. The light and shadows always create different moods and reveal different textures. We had amazing sunshine for an hour before the heavens opened, it is a very beautiful place.
And bonus points for surviving the journey home, which involved 3 emergency stops and navigating a way past the car park that is the M25 on a Friday afternoon.


materfamilias said...

sounds as if you had a wonderful, stimulating, creative, and satisfying, if exhausting, weekend. altho' I do love where I live, I'm often envious of the richness you can tap into, culture and heritage-wise, with only several hours' travel.

indigo16 said...

I suspect I am guilty of using London to 'run away'though, and ironically lust your tranquil, loving lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

this was one of my best days out last year - so soothing yet invigorating to be there! great detail photos too.