Monday, 28 July 2008

So what did you do at the weekend?

Well since you asked, I started of with a very lazy Friday. All my good intentions were blown out the water and I stayed at home. I had to go and get Kitty by bus to teach her the way home from her cousins house. 30mins there, 1 hour back! Then mother arrived and off we went back on the same bus to my baby sisters 40th birthday bash. After very many glasses of delicious Presseco and Rose later off we went home. I finally met her Spanish teacher and his boyfriend who is Italian living in Lewisham, (do not ever say this city is not cosmopolitan) He ingratiated himself with me by asking if I was Lucy's mother! So that's the end of that entente cordial.

Saturday mother was very, very worse for wear so I made her take Leyla out for brunch. Oh, (revenge is sweet) whilst lucky, lucky me got to cut up the carpet in Leyla's bedroom, bag it and bin it. Yes we finally found the moths. According to mothers moth man ( all Oxford colleges have a moth man) you have either carpet moths or clothes moths, finally having cleared out the wardrobes and sprinkled them with copious amounts of lavender water I realise I was looking in the wrong place. So every night I am picking off the baby's as they hatch with the hoover, cruel, but necessary to win the war.

Saturday afternoon I had forgotten I was going with Lucy to the Ben and Jerry's festival on Clapham Common to see the Charlatans. The last time I saw them, was 16 years ago how I could forget I do not know, So back on that bloody bus to Lucy's and of we went. She was in a very fragile state so I made the lazy fat arse walk up the hill from the station. Not until we neared the top did she realise we could have caught a bus and that she had been duped!!!! again revenge is sweet. She ate one ice cream (they were free) and then slumped comatose on the ground until the Charlatans came on. She was looking forward to a band called the Delays but they were disappointing. However not on the advertised bill was a surprise visit from the Guillemots, I have never rated them before, but they were excellent. Playing a set as tight as a ..well Guillemots arse really. I gorged on a Hog Roast sandwich. These festivals are worth it for the food alone these days.

I LOVED the Charlatans, grouchy Lucy proclaimed them half hearted and said they played better at the Shepherds Bush Empire, well who wouldn't? But I wasn't there as she took my other sister, so I enjoyed what I saw. Home by 'that 'bus and next morning bright and early we went to see Batman, that's a long one. Lovely cinematography and the usual excellent Hans Zimmer score, but scissors please someone. The joker is very scary, well for me anyway, I hate knives.

Back to base after the ubiquitous shop and then I took Leyla swimming, which was purgatory on all levels and will not be repeated. Kitty? well she couldn't wait to see the back of me, she came home packed her bags and went to Oxford with my Mum. So all is quiet....for now.

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