Monday, 7 July 2008

Feel the Muji love

I have never really paid much attention to the clothes in Muji, but as I was walking through House of Fraser a shop assistant gave me a catalogue and my appetite was whetted. I then managed to check out the branch on Long Acre in Covent garden and I could have bought the lot. Very simple colours, beautiful fabrics, and many of them fitted me which is always a bonus. So I am now slightly poorer. I bought a beautiful long black Cotton cardie with a deep shawl collar belted and a lovey fitted jersey top that only hugs the right places.
This is the worst month for spending so I should not have done it, but sometimes I just lack self control. I have 4 birthdays in a 3 week slot plus some how I lost my purse AGAIN so I could not be more miserable.
Plus I am going on a holiday which I could not afford so my mother ended up paying, so I now am racked with guilt. I feel every spare penny is eaten by rising interest payments on the house, and the people that matter end up short changed year in year out. I am shockingly bad with money and it is something I would love to change, I do not spend huge amounts, just a little and often. However It always just creeps over what I had intended so I am opening a savings account to pay for next years holiday which thankfully will be back in the cheaper environment of Cornwall again. That's the theory anyway.


materfamilias said...

sounds as if you deserved a bit of retail therapy -- and really, a jersey top and a black cotton cardigan, very, very practical, so no reason to feel guilty . . .

Rollergirl said...

Spending little and often is the worst! Because you can't keep track of where it goes. My trick is writing it all down, there's nothing better than realising you spent £30 in a day on lunch, magazines and 'some Muji pens' to curb your frittering the next day! On the other hand, Muji stuff will last you ages so don't beat yourself up:)