Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Miyako Ishiuchi

From SEPIA The Alkazi Collection
Miyako Ishiuchi's mother died in 2000. Although they never got along with each other very well, Ishiuchi was deeply affected. She decided to photograph her mother's former possessions in order to better process her death - and life. The things which she documented tell the story of a fashionable, self-confident woman. After her husband was reported missing in World War II, she earned her living as a truck driver. When she became pregnant by another man, her first husband suddenly reappeared. Divorce followed - a week before Ishiuchi was born. With her photo series MOTHER'S 2000-2005 - TRACES OF THE FUTURE Ishiuchi wanted to create 'a contact point between the present and the past'. By her own testimony, thanks to the photographs she has learned to understand her mother better.
This collection of photographs struck a chord. As someone whose relationship with her mother is at best warmly cordial, I do whole heartedly thank her for making me the mother that I am. I feel that by learning from the pain I have manged to right the wrongs.
My Rules of Motherhood
  • Tell your children that they are clever, funny and beautiful everyday.
  • Treat them like you trust them even if you are not sure.
  • Talk to them about their day and enjoy the life they have.
  • Make sure your jokes are funnier.
  • Never use sarcasm or malice.
  • Never bitch about their father.
  • Try to do something together everyday.
So you cry, how come they all love going to their Grans so much? Well we all have to walk on the dark side occasionally to appreciate just how good it is at home!!!


auntiegwen said...

I love your rules

I personally feel that I should get a medal for never complaining about their dad, as I have quite a lot to complain about.

indigo16 said...

Oh yes it is hard, but they always see through him in the end!!