Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Edge of Heaven

This is a really beautiful film, The story intertwines Germany and Turkey. two of Emin's favourite countries. It took a while to understand the politics, which centers around the tension between Kurds and the Turkish authorities. We have had two Kurdish Au Pairs who were lovely, far more grounded and less spoilt than the current girl from Istanbul. We did not at first realise they were Kurdish, but further discussions revealed that they felt the tension was often over played and neither had felt they had ever been discriminated against.
I digress, the cinematography is stunning and the various places inspire the usual dose of life style envy.
This is an intriguing, complex, beautifully acted and directed piece of work, partly a realist drama of elaborate coincidences, near-misses and near-hits, further tangled with shifts in the timeline - and partly an almost dreamlike meditation with visual symmetries and narrative rhymes. More here

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