Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Dominic Shannon

Cab driver turned social documentor. Domminic Shannon was interviewed on BBC news and his is an inspirational story.
“I see everything from my seat, so I just kept snapping. I love this city, there's loads going on and I'm never short of a photograph. Every cabbie has got a story, but I'm the only one who has photos to prove mine,” he told The Times.
And what brilliant photos they are, currently on show at Kodak Express in Camden High Street. They give a unique viewpoint of London. I particularly like the ones that include reflections of his cab interior.
This where digital photography works, because it opens up doors of creativity to people who would not normally have time to indulge. That the photos are so good is a bonus.

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Rollergirl said...

Wow, the top one is ace!