Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Sartorial Challenge

Well tomorrow lunchtime I will leave school early to get the coach to Oxford. It is my mothers leaving 'do' and I offered to take photos, since I, like hundreds of others see myself as the next Sartorialist! what I thought was an evening event is actually 5pm-7pm pre dinner drinks. Hence the lunchtime exit from school. I had hoped it would be nice weather so everyone would be out on the lawn but hey best laid planes...
But what to wear? This is when you want to grab a low key Rei Kawakubo piece, quirky but understated. If it rains I cannot wear trousers, I really hate wet fabric flapping around my ankles so that leave a skirt and maybe, dare I mention it, the black leather jacket.... we shall see.
My mother is 66 having had to work longer than most because of my fathers errant and profligate ways ( A whole blog let alone post in its self) She finally thinks she has enough of a pension to live in a degree comfort, whether she stays in Oxford or moves back to York is something she can now decide at her leisure. So farewell it is.
Daisy is currently working at the college and she is doing so well, a split shift waitress with no one put Polish girls for company. It will be the making of her as she will now see a less pampered side of life. Or that is what I had hoped, until I found out my mother had sent a cab to bring her home because it was so late! I soon put a stop to that.
What Daisy is really enjoying is the food, as they get to eat the same food as the people over for the conferences. The latest a group of wafer thin American girls has left Daisy speechless, they eat so little. I said they probably go back to their rooms and eat junk food on the quiet. It is so sad when you see young girls in particular, pick at their food for fear of seeming to enjoy it. Absolutely no chance of that with Daisy, thank God.
So after drinks I am sure we will go out for a bite to eat.
By the most amazing stroke of luck my mothers friend had booked a tour of Henry Moores house at Much Hadham. I have been to the gardens and studios but the house at the time was being renovated so it was closed, so on Friday Daisy and I will gate crash the the visit. Then on Saturday we all come back to London. Daisy will celebrate her birthday with friends, whilst Lucy, Leyla and I entertain mother on her birthday.... So I had better remember to charge the battery! The camera not mine.

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materfamilias said...

you have a wonderful few days ahead -- lovely that the three of you (you, your mother, and your daughter) get on so well. Take lots of pics for us too!