Thursday, 20 January 2011


It is said that the worst day of the year was this week, and I must say despite putting a brave face on it the endless hours walking to and from work in the dark and in the relentless rain have definitely taken it's toll on my cup half full attitude to life. Despite staring over an emotional precipice I am nothing if not determined to overcome the gloom and to this end I am going to a talk about the Taylor Wessing Photography prize at the NPG tonight and tomorrow the private view of an amazing sculpture exhibition opening at the RA. Oh and I might just turn up on the right day for the Art London Fair on Saturday!
I can't possibly leave this blog on such a ridiculously maudlin self indulgent note, so to bring a smile to your face check out this amazing website. just the home page is a delight. I have done a print screen for you but would happily have this as a screen saver except I would probably not get much work done.

Talking of work, having had a bit of a lull lately thanks to the incompetency of our exams officer our GCSE exam paper arrived late and so now I am preparing one of my monumental PowerPoint's for the GCSE students as well as writing a shed load of reports, on top of this (and yes, I too hear the dulcet tones of a distant violin) I will have the A Level to get ready not in a leisurely four weeks but one. Thank you exam officer for your supreme due diligence!

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materfamilias said...

Hope you manage to keep your spirits up against the winter drear. Thanks for this fabulous link -- mesmerizing!