Friday, 7 January 2011

Wardrobe Watch

AKA what the hell happened to this week?
Well I know what happened..marking and moderation. I had blissfully forgotten I was coming back to nearly 50 folders to mark and provide feedback on, that's insouciance taken to a whole new level on my part. A far more conscientious colleague had not forgotten and it had preyed on her mind during the holiday. Not me!
I had very little time to myself over the break, making for a very claustrophobic atmosphere which in turn put huge pressure on our relationship, I honestly cannot sit for more than an hour without him or Leyla finding me to interrupt. It is the same at Mothers where if I go upstairs she actually calls me to find out what I'm doing! My only release was to walk the dog or go to the gym. oh joy.
I did sort my clothes out and pared them down, well so I thought until I counted 30 different outfits to wear, which will take me to half term with barely a hint of duplication. I am not proud of this fact yet it somehow pleases me nevertheless!
So back to school on.....


So you may notice new boots! Half price in the sale, they are by Fly, I have a pair of very quirky boots by this brand which are now a little too pointy, but I love them so much they have been squirrelled away for now. These are uber comfy and I love the quite aggressive sole on them. VERY Yohji, no? The necklace was half price EB for Debenhams in the sale, that was some amazing collection of jewellery they did and really well made.

Jumper COS
Jeans +J Uniqlo
Boots Fly
Necklace EB

A couple of old favourites worn together for the first time. plus sorry, a new necklace, this time a gift from a boutique in York.

Jumper Next
Dress COS
Pumps PJ fliers


I LOVE this jumper, (one of my billy bargains @£15) it may not be too flattering but it feels very soft and despite this shoddy image does hang well too, I may not wear it with this skirt again though and instead try it with some wide legged trousers.
Jumper GAP
Skirt Zara


I love this necklace, everyone remarks on it so it must look good. Worn here with a silk shirt that I finally decided to put on after it's disastrous outing 2 years ago for 'that' Turkish New Year! I finally have a cardie with sleeves wide enough to go over it, patience is a virtue!

Shirt GAP
Cardie COS
Trousers +J Uniqlo


materfamilias said...

yes, I remember those days of being almost glad to get back to work after holidays because I could get back to my own stuff once the rest of the family was occupied . . .
love those boots! and there a few covetable necklaces here -- you must be enjoying these.
thought of you yesterday while checking out the art in SFMOMA. . .

indigo16 said...

Still jealous!