Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The view from here

It did not help that I paid for my ticket only to find a pile of complementary tickets next to the concierge desk in the Hilton next door. I had gone in to use the toilet and realised I had wasted my money by diligently buying my ticket online.
I was early and the hall was empty but for some rather hostile stall holders all glowering as the few early arrival walked around. Only one had a smile on the Caroline Wiseman stand the rest seemed to be pacing around like tigers trapped in a zoo. I appreciate It was the end of a long week and I gathered business had not been too brisk, but even so, it was a very stark contrast to the Frieze Art Fair where gallerina's busied themselves on laptop's, sat and chatted at their station and ate breakfast.
The difference in atmosphere between the two venues was stark to say the least, another difference was organisation, whoever organises Frieze does so with a military precision, what could be a perplexing maze is clearly colour coded so you are never lost and you can always be sure what you have seen and what you needed to find.
The business Design Center is a soulless hall with existing shops around the periphery, the whole exhibition is so badly laid out and sign posted that 2 hours after I left I realised I had missed the photography section, the entrance to which was stationed a woman with a clipboard which I had taken to mean it was for the planned talks only. That said it was still an interesting way to while a very cold rainy Saturday.

Sartorial style was thin on the ground, I suspect because it was a Saturday, but here are some I spotted.

Not only do I love the greens with the ubiquitous brown brogues, but this image has inspired me to invest in some patterned knee hi's. I have decided that this is what I need to update my cropped trousers, a look we over in Blighty have embraced to survive the relentless rain, no palazzo trousers here.
I have shied away from brown recently yet I like this outfit.

Not sure about the height of the boots but I am a sucker for some stripes especially with the green cardie.

My favourite colour combination, not necessarily to wear but I love the acid pink next to grey and the moss green.

The bag is great fun.

As are these socks.

I like the leather belt worn with this coat and the proportions of her silhouette.

Coat off....Love the stripes and that gorgeous antique bag
Coat on, I am now hankering after some loafers.
More stripes, I really liked how she had layered them.

Another reoccurring theme has been stripes mixed up with animal prints which works very well, I could not do the leather shorts but think they look amazing on her.


Badaude said...

I love your streetstyle ('gallerystyle'?) posts! Beautiful detail in those cutout socks in pic #1. Perfect!

materfamilias said...

I can't remember what it was, but something we were at recently did that same irritating trick of having allowed some of us to pay while obviously proferring a discount to any who were lucky enough to know about it -- made me feel as if I must have "Stupid" written right across my forehead.
I love your eye for pleasing detail and the way you're able to tease successful ideas out of outfits that might not, overall, grab the eye. Much more interesting than those who are only attentive to coherence (often only blandly pleasing, at that)

indigo16 said...

Thank you bloguettes, I wish I could do this more it pleases me greatly to get inspiration form the detail.
Yes mater I too had the stupid tattoo that day! The devil is in the detail no?