Friday, 14 January 2011

Wardrobe Watch


I thought this dress looked great in the shop, it is certainly very comfortable and I wore it a lot over Christmas, the photograph tells a different story and it makes me look a little boxy/frumpy, good job it only cost £9.99! What makes it worse is the shoes make my feet look like pigs trotters creating an even more top heavy look.
I did try to jazz it up with this lovely necklace from an amazing company I use for school called Starbecks if you like anything ethnic check it out.

Dress Gap
Cardie George @ Asda
Shoes Naturalizer

In stark contrast I had thought this would look boring but I really love it, especially with the pumps. It works better because the skirt is shorter and so the proportions work together.
Cardie Uniqlo
Skirt Kew
Pumps Peacocks

Again perfect proportions, although a sea of black the textures are different as the skirt is shot with metal. Now who would have thought the necklace was from M&S?
You can just see some rather ginky clogs, one of the first things I bought after hurting my foot, they make my feet look tiny but the shape is all wrong so I rarely wear them.

Skirt H&M

The second of my £9.99 gap dresses this one works much better especially with the Fly boots, although I suspect some would argue it again emphasises my American football shoulders! The cardie is a good illustration of buying forward. When I first bought them (I got one in black too) I had nothing to wear them with and they have remained unworn for a couple of years, then when I recently began wearing dresses again I realised they were perfect because they were so short and now I wear all the time.

The necklace is from a lovely shop near the British Museum, I will find the name of it one day, I had a lovely Turquoise collar like this until having fiddled with it once too often it snapped and broke. I am trying very very hard to leave this one alone
Dress Gap
Cardie Uniqlo
Boots Fly

I have never tired of these trousers, I knew they would end up in the sale but bought them full price anyway. They are so comfortable, being very high waisted they act as a corset without digging in, The whole lot is COS except my necklace which I made and is one of my favourites.
Well it is my first Theatre visit with Leyla tonight, it could be good, it could be a bloody nightmare, tomorrow I have tickets for an art fair at the Design Business center, I am very much hoping I can take photographs to entertain you with.


Looking Fab in your forties said...

You were right to invest in the trousers, I think that outfit is my favourite.

materfamilias said...

I can't get over how consistent you can be while keeping your look varied enough to stay interesting. You really have that palette down!
I actually like the first dress and don't see it as clunky as you do.
Aren't high-waisted trousers surprisingly comfy and smart-looking? I could def. be a convert. . .

Mardel said...

Oh I think the first dress looks long, lean and elegant, not at all clunky.

I love how all your looks are so consistently stylish and a perfect pairing of simplicity of line and shape and texture, and yet varied and interesting too. There is much I need to learn here.

La Belette Rouge said...

You are a harsh judge of yourself. I agree with Mardel and Mater, I think the first outfit was very chic and elegant. However Wednesday is my favorite. And I love that silver braided necklace. It looks very posh.

indigo16 said...

You see my little bloguettes how that bloody widescreen monitor taints my view! I take a bow and blush at your praise. I am a little diassapointed by the lack of colour but that maybe reflects my current mood!