Friday, 28 January 2011

Wardrobe watch: Any colour as long as it's stripes.

I was reflecting when I wore this outfit what determines how much money I will spend on one particular item, you will have already gathered I am not a great one for investment purchases, people who spend oodles on a few choice pieces each year have a discipline I lack and appear not to be concerned about variety. Unlike my taste in chocolate which is conservative and pricey I am definitely at the cheap Christmas selection box end when it comes to clothes. I baulk at anything over £70, I would say my ceiling is around £50, but only if I feel it will be worn many times and will not date. Items that are more esoteric have to wait for the sale so the cost per wear factor is reduced. This jumper was £50, I will wear approx 5 times this year = £10 per wear, not good so far but I hazard a guess it will be worn for the next 5 years and so goes down to £2 per wear. The skirt I waited for the sale, it is lovely but not hugely comfortable, and if I have to 'work' it I tend to wear it less, it too works out at roughly £2 per wear, which is still a lot really, but hey what do I work for if not to play dress up.
My clothes thus fall into two categories those Still Earning There Keep & those that Won't Owe Me A Penny.
The stripes? Well that was just a bit of fun.


Jumper & Skirt COS
Necklace Me
Shoes PF Fliers


I saw a woman at the art fair wearing this dress, I had relegated it to weekend wear as when ever I wore I did not feel it was quite right, seeing her in it made me realise I had worn it as a tunic over trousers when it would be better as a dress, so I layered it over a short skirt instead and voila!

Dress Uniqlo
Skirt M&S
Cardie COS
Shoes Fly
Necklace York


I got so bored with standing up I needed a change, I sold my soul to the devil to get this cardie, it is from a shop the owner of which I loathe for a multitude of reasons, but it was sooo lovely I could not resit. Why was I in there? Well it is Kitty's new squeeze since the demise of quality in Zara she now loves this place and I was with her when she was umming and ahhing about her bag, there it was taunting me, in my size too.
I have read that he is opening a pared down version for us fussy oldies, I may just check it out once in a while. Anyway I got my comeuppance as I manged to get oil paint on it and despite trying get it off with white spirit it is still there and plus it smells now! Bad Karma! plus I did not like it with those pumps either.
Dress COS
Cardie Top Shop
Necklace eBay
Shoes PF Fliers


Yes you've seen it before, a real WOMAP number, instead of a slim skirt I wore it over pleats difficult to tell but it did work.
Dress Great Plains
Skirt Zara
Pumps Peacocks
Necklace Noa Noa


Finally it has stopped raining long enough to wear some wide leg trousers, both items sitting firmly in the WOMAP camp, I love that jumper SO much.
Jumper GAP
Trousers George @ Asda
Shoes PF Fliers
Pearl earrings, not seen eBay


La Belette Rouge said...

Ooh that skirt on Monday is fantastic. Love it, no matter the cost per wearing. There was a gorgeous dress that I saw yesterday made of that same fabric and I immediately thought of you.
There are not many people online that I would love to shop with as much as I want to shop with you. We have different styles but I am endlessly inspired by the clarity and certainty of your style.

indigo16 said...

Wow you were quick, I'm still at work! I must say I would struggle to choose clothes for another person but I am ruthless at telling the truth once they are on.
I will let you into a secret, the trick is to keep a 'look book' and refer to it before you shop, it really focuses your viewpoint

materfamilias said...

I love that brocade (is that what it is? hard to tell in a photo) skirt. Not sure if it's the sitting that makes the difference, but I'm really drawn to the silhouette/proportions of the longer dress with that shorter striped cardigan. I'd probably like it better with the booties (those are great!), although I also like the contrast of the more athletic/funkier shoe.

Johanne said...

The Tuesday outfit is my favourite. Love the tunic and the cardi combination with the skirt.

But may a stupid Swede ask what WOMAP means?

If we go to London this summer I must ask you about shopping and galleries for budding artists.
I have been Spitalfields market last year, but was pretty disappointed.

indigo16 said...

Mater, it is not brocade but a really shiny polyester, very thick so looks quite stiff, it has a very fifties black pattern all over it. I too love a cropped cardie with a longer dress it seems to suit my chunky frame.
Johanne, WOMAP, is won't owe me a penny!
I have never shopped in Spitalfields, the more esotric the shop the smaller the sizes they sell, better to stick to high street over here and just select well.
But yes if it's galleries you want I came name a few. I may post a break down of our great British high street at some point.