Friday, 21 January 2011

Wardrobe Watch

The exam papers arrived this morning I turned 8 questions around in 2 hours which was something of a minor miracle, I am now working on the last paper at a slightly more leisurely pace.
Last night was amazing and worthy of it's own post next week, suffice it to say I met two amazing photographers who spoke eloquently about their work I then rounded off an amazing evening with a free Pimm's, who said being a teacher was dull!


Mmm this does look a little dull, but I rather like it, very simple probably did need a necklace, I struggle to wear jewellery with stripes but this image does suggest it needs something.
Top Warehouse
Skirt H&M
Pumps Peacocks

I wore my best suck-it-in tights and still I can see the hint of a paunch, SO irritating, I realised that this dress need something other than tights. The last time I wore it with tights I felt like I had two pipe cleaners dangling below a chunky cuboid. I then saw that Stella McCartney had pared a similar long line tunic with very narrow trousers and I was struck by how much better the proportions looked so I tried it and voila much better,
Dress COS
Ruched loose leggings Uniqlo
Boots Fly
Necklace Starbecks


I was out on a trip with the students and had a very pale grey outfit planned, but you know too many greys that do not match look pretty grim, so at the last minute threw this on, I did not like it much, not sure why as it looks fine.
Tunic COS
Trousers Uniqlo
Boots Wolky
Necklace eBay


I have been itching to give this a go but all I can see is a big fat spotty Cumberland sausage! Le sigh, still I don't have to look at them and it felt great.
Dress COS
Top Uniqlo
Shoes Naturalizer


Very slouchy, no? Those trousers always ride up when I wear knee highs, so irritating, still I like it so who cares.
Light grey top COS
Jumper Mandolin
Trousers Toast


La Belette Rouge said...

It is official, you are not seeing clearly!;-) You look BRILLIANT in the outfit in which you refer to yourself as "a big fat spotty Cumberland sausage". WRONG!!! I LOVE this outfit. LOVE it!

materfamilias said...

I have to agree with LBR -- you are way too hard on yourself.

indigo16 said...

Thanks girls, too kind, but seriously those arms!!!