Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The view from here

Oh this seems such a long ago!

The best bit (apart from the food) was that I met Daisy after work and we went to York Minster for a carol service, oh, that choir is just awesome, truly a wonderful experience and Daisy managed to stay awake throughout! despite a 5am start at work that morning for a delivery.

So does this on Boxing day

I just had to show you this stunning photograph of Daisy, I captured the moment she opened my sisters Christmas present, tickets for Peter Kay, seriously Daisy LOVES him and my wonderful sister bought these ticket a YEAR ago and we have sat on this surprise for a whole year, both Daisy and Kitty are over the moon.

Daisy has worked as a 'cast member' for Disney every shift going, sadly she was temporary and a permanent post is not going until Easter so she will be doing light chores for granny for a month or two to earn her food money.
Kit has returned home, she was given tickets for Taylor Swift as her Christmas present and was very, very happy, especially as this is her last year at school.
It has been a quiet Christmas walking the dog and cooking and even a teeny tiny bit of painting as well as helping Leyla with her English. I have learnt SO much I am quite enjoying myself, my holy grail is to understand split infinitives! but am struggling with similes and homophones at present!
For new Years Day I took Leyla out, I said she could have what ever meal she wanted...she chose a bloody happy meal. I HATE Maccy D's they don't even sell wine which would make the experience slightly more tolerable. Still, her choice.
We went to the NPG as the National Gallery for some reason was closed, this pleased her greatly as she is doing the Tudors at school so relished the chance to do some drawings to show off to her teacher. After a couple of hours I limped to Pret for a coffee and had one of those wonderful moments where all feels good, primarily because the streets were glistening with rain which made everything cleaner somehow.

I just loved this reflection of a woman reading behind us especially with those iconic telephone boxes in front. Daisy said she had not realised how home sick she was until she came out of the tube and saw a red bus, her visit was all too brief and left me very melancholic but she is happy and that what counts.

I just love that acid yellow glow from the bus reflected in the wet pavement, I am really looking forward to my Saturday jaunts resuming this week, I have to pinch myself that I have joined the New Year without a visit to the hospital..YEAH, and although I have no painting classes to look forward to I have
  • Two theatre trips
    Numerous private views including a fabulous sculpture exhibition coming to the RA
  • Some short workshops at the NPG
  • Lighter mornings
  • Lots of Saturdays to take some photographs, which I have missed
Finally, we have re booked our Cyprus break for February half term, not a lavish two weeks via Istanbul but long enough to warm the marrow in my bones and finish my photography project.
Now for some catch up.


materfamilias said...

Oh, I ha ve missed you! You do make me laugh. And despite your pretense at complaining, you manage to make a big celebration of your life -- look at the Christmas you sorted out, a pretty joyous affair after all from the looks of it here. I love this photo of daisy -- what a beautiful and happy young woman, such intelligence in her face as well.

indigo16 said...

Thank you Mater, it is good to be back and online after a hefty break. On reflection the break was good but at the same time I am SO not ready to be incarcerated in the house 24/7 with Emin yet!!

auntiegwen said...

hello my dear, just catching up with you, I also bought the Peter Kay tickets in 2009 and kept schtum. Hope 2011 brings you happiness and interesting things to photograph