Saturday, 26 March 2011

Anselm Kiefer

This is an extract taken from an excellent interview with Kiefer in Saturday's Guardian
This last paragraph neatly encapsulates why I love his work and why I feel it is so important. Although the article does not reference Marcel Duchamp, I feel he would have connected with Kiefer, as much of his work was transitional including his large Glass which he allowed to decay after it's complete ion.
I somehow think that too much of today's art is precious and we should indeed celebrate the processes as much as the conclusion.

I was extraordinarily lucky enough to see some of Kiefer's best work some years back at the Hamberger Bahnhof in Berlin. where this photograph above was taken.

If you are around London this weekend go to see an amazing show of his at The White Cube gallery Hoxton Square, as opposed to the one at mason's Yard. It looks a really amazing show and I may succumb to a catalogue!

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