Friday, 4 March 2011

Monochrome Miffy

I could not really let it go so I decided to keep taking the photographs but play around with them more. No need to label either, you know where it all comes form now. If I do ever push the envelope I will let you know.
By switching to B&W I can focus more on shape and looking at these I need to stop that stupid 'twist and strike a pose' stance, as I like the full frontal images the best.
The weather is freezing and with the loss of said cardies I am layering like an onion to keep warm, the warm Mediterranean climes seem a distant memory now.

I am still wading through my photographs I seem to have had a problem with verticals as too many images are listing like a drunken sailor and so a lot have been discarded. I have decided that I am enjoying the Cyprus project so much that I will conclude it at a later date, primarily so I can learn how to use my camera which has done some strange light meter readings this time.

I am looking forward to a jaunt up to the big smoke tomorrow, I'm planning on trying to get to The Whitechapel Gallery but will probably end up schlepping around Cork Street catching up with some smaller shows.


La Belette Rouge said...

That is what Playboy bunnies should look like, like HIGHLY fashionable amime rabbits. Love it.
I am so happy you are feeling so inspired about the Cyprus photographs and your project.

materfamilias said...

Interesting -- I always think I should do the side thing as well, but I, too, prefer the front-facing stance. here. Especially the one on the far right.