Thursday, 17 March 2011

Cyprus the landscapes

This all seems such a long time ago now, Emin is counting the days until he returns (less than a month) I will have to wait until Christmas. Going at this time of year I noticed a lot of the villager foraging, clearly Fregan's before they even had a name for it. This was taken in the village, down the side of Emin's aunts house, which is in a lovely spot but now abandoned and slowly falling into disrepair. What makes it even sadder is I know there is some lovely furniture inside..

Honey from this region is the best tasting in the world, these very cobbled together hives are full to the brim, no wonder as the blossom trees are everywhere, everything planted in this place has to earn it's keep, so most of the trees are fruiting trees so had I stayed a couple of weeks longer the place would have been a sea of blossom.

I have shown you photographs like this before but I never tire of seeing how the villagers use everything including the oil cans, which are the only splash of colour around this time of year.

About half a kilometer or less from the house you reach this plateau, this is a very typical view looking over to the sea, which I did walk to one day, great going down, bloody agony coming back.

You can, if you peer very closely just make out the back of his house, on the left.

To the right of his house rolling hills of yellow were everywhere, I never knew in the early days that this country could be so green,

Another week has flown by, tonight the private view of Ida Kar @ NPG and an audience with Mater & Pater..yeah

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materfamilias said...

Gorgeous photos! This place appeals to me in so many ways. Resonates with me as does the rural parts of Portugal that we love.

tonight was great -- wish we were close enough to do that more often. Thanks again for coming out to meet us.