Friday, 18 March 2011

Monochrome Miffy Must Try Harder

That camera is bloody brutal, what possessed me to wear leggings under the skirt on Tuesday? Seriously I look like I have got Elephantitis, not an attractive look. Emin bitched a bucket load about how short Monday's skirt was, sad to say I may have put on a few pounds causing it to ride up. There is a stain on Wednesdays dress, why did it have to be on the lightest stripe? And yesterday's outfit, which I thought oozed lux looks a tad frumpy. Leaving me with Friday...and to be honest I'm not convinced I have the right necklace on.
This somewhat shambolic array of errors is do to time, I am not leaving myself any time to make last minute changes in the morning
Memo to self must try harder.

I was roundly put in my place last night by a girl with a clip board, having wanted to smuggle Mater & Pater into the teachers private view of Ida Kar I was forced to retreat tail between my legs having decided I could not possible sit through someone in a lecture theatre droning on about the show, especially since I will be back in two weeks for... a teachers evening. My failure to sit through the talk meant I was unable to elicit the said free tickets and so Mater & Pater kindly rewarded my uselessness with a delicious meal out instead.
A big THANK YOU for that, despite us both being voracious blogger's we talked like there was no tomorrow, which of course there isn't as they will be hot footing over the channel to live as Parisians.

Bon Voyage.

Tomorrow I get to schlep around the Sir John Soane Musuem with Mother and Kitty, what a joyous combination that will be, Kitty loves nothing better than a bit of gilt & chintz!
I have planned a carrot in the guise of a nearby Zara & H&M for her, COS for Mother where she can fashion stalk me to her hearts content.

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