Sunday, 20 March 2011

Saul Leiter Courtesy of the Howard Greenberg Gallery

I must have seen this book so many times and not once did the penny drop, don't laugh but I thought it was a book about colour theory by Saul Leiter! Seriously how thick am I? In fact it is a monologue of images so beautiful it almost makes me want to jack it all in, I said almost, a curious arrogance lurks beneath my insouciance which makes me believe I too can reach the heady heights of visual perfection seen here.

Of course it's sold out now, but you never know....


magdalyn said...

these photographs are fantastic! i was staring at the third one for quite some time. the composition is great but so is the scene itself, where is the photographer in the reflection?
im sure you will find the book eventually :)

indigo16 said...

I too am still drawn into the images; you just cannot replicate that colour or depth of field with today's digital technology. I think that's why I love them so much