Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Paul Smith

Well the shows are nearly over and I have had a quick look most days but on the whole those I hold very dear to my fashion heart left me cold this year. I saw little at Marni or Dries van Noten that I could emulate, and this strange big shoulder look creeping in will not help my silhouette at all.
I have seen some wonderful unstructured coats, but this years favourite show by a country mile is.....
Paul Smith
I guess it is because I can relate to the way he puts his clothes together, the colours the layers and I have always been a sucker for the whole Annie Hall thing. For me he is consistently good and if there is one trend here and permeating other shows too, it is the flat shoe. Thank You.

What is not to love about a touch of the orient? I adore both of these.

I am praying that this new trend for flats filters down onto the high street so maybe I will finally get my patent leather brogues!


La Belette Rouge said...

I love the non-flowery ones, love them LOTS.

materfamilias said...

That slouchy-trousered look would not do me any favours, but I love it anyway.
I'll have to remember to wear my patent leather brogues when we meet up. . .