Monday, 7 March 2011

Sliding Doors

Junya Watanabe

A gorgeous mix of biker leather and grey knitwear, what's not to love?

Limi Feu

I LOVE this coat above

I have finally got back some of my life having finally caught up with back episodes of The Killing, it does not help that they are screened in pairs on BBC4, so having missed 2 Saturdays I was over 4 episodes behind last week, but I did it, I caught up and I believe it is one of the best things to watch on Television at the moment, the only drawback is it is subtitled, which requires my undivided attention so no wandering! What I have found particularly compelling is the cinematography which is beautifully framed and shot. It makes such a change to for a programme not to skim over the complexities of a murder case to to get a quick solution for entertainments sake. If you can watch it and see.
I have found this trailer which makes me think it has been remade American stylie.

Sliding doors?

Well it was business as usual on Saturday with Leyla and I having caught an earlier train to London Bridge, we meandered down to catch the tube, as the train was already in I was ready to wait but Leyla went to get on so I followed only.... for reasons I will never truly comprehend as the pips sounded my reaction was to walk onto the train, Leyla's was to retreat. And so the doors closed separating us and despite the protestations of everyone around the train stood immobile before eventually moving out of the station. I mouthed at Leyla through the glass to get on the next train intending to meet her and progress with our journey so I jumped off at the next stop heart pounding... 10 effing minutes I waited and I'm talking tfl minutes here, it was the l-o-n-g-e-s-t 10 minutes of my life. The train arrived...No Leyla, next train arrived Leyla, I then realised she must be waiting back at London Bridge, so I wait for the next train back..and lo there she was wide eyed and panic stricken accompanied by a nice tfl lady. I had by now resigned myself to phoning Emin to help me search for her but apparently some nice Greek teachers pressed a buzzer for help.
Just another day in the life.

After dropping her off I walked to the Wellcome Collection to meet Joanna Walsh whilst she was painting her amazing mural, after a long chat + coffee + cake (for me) I walked down to COS on Regent Street and then onto Covent Garden (they always have different pieces in) I tried on just about everything and might have bought a couple of rebound cardies...we shall see.
I also picked up a copy of their excellent magazine, you can read a lot of it online including an interview with the amazing Sarah Moon.
The photographs of the models wearing the clothes made me realise that a good deal is cut for shorter people than me, I am nearly 5'8 which does not seem that tall to me since my sisters are both taller but when I tried on a dress featured in the catalogue, (which sat on the models knee) I found it was way above the knee on me, so these models must be bred considerably smaller than the catwalk ones!
talking of catwalk some of my favourites are above from
I am now looking forward to Saturday having booked my Yohji Yamamto ticket for the shows opening weekend at the V&A

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materfamilias said...

So much in this post that I'm going to come back -- for one thing, I want to know more about that series.
But my heart was in my mouth waiting to find out what happened with you and Leyla -- I can only imagine your own panic and that horrible helpless sick feeling. So glad that's behind you now, and safely. Leyla did very well staying put -- what a trooper!