Tuesday, 1 March 2011

I am back but..

So thank you all for the lovely comments you left last week, yes, I did not only get there but also managed a surprisingly relaxed and enjoyable holiday. After a leisurely wake up I would wave Leyla goodbye as she boarded theschool bus before mooching around taking photographs, drawing or going for a walk or all three even. I would then prepare food before greeting Leyla off the bus and helping her with her extra studies she is doing to pass the 11+ So pretty relaxing non?

Emin is a very different beast when he is at his house in Cyprus, so relaxed and cheerful I have decided that maybe we can make this work and so have promised to go with him to live in 8 years time for a couple of years whilst we save enough money to travel. The climate is lovely most of the time and it will be easy to access the Internet, I could have this time but chose to have a break, but will do so next Christmas when I return, the only down side is no BBC iPlayer.
So he has 8 years to make the place habitable ands more importantly comfortable.

I took hundreds of photographs despite some poor light due to rain and even a storm one night, luckily the rain arrived after lunch most days so by getting up and out early I managed to get quite a lot done.

It is taking me forever to sort through the photographs, I keep getting sidetracked by fashion week number 3 Milano, as well as catching up with number 2 London. Can you believe it though that the very very first time I am on half term week for London fashion week I am away? So gutted, the photographs I could have taken, instead I have consoled, myself by buying my Chelsae Flower Show ticket..an all day one, which will give me something to look forward too.

I am now wading through copious amounts of washing as well as clearing the Manya fug from my brain. I will catch up with you all tomorrow as for some reason teaching has been getting in the way!
P.S a big thank you also to some new 'followers' I would love to know who you are but the school firewall prevents me from seeingas well as joining, but I am with you in spirit!


materfamilias said...

So glad you had a lovely time. . . and pleased to see the sketches. Such picturesque landscapes -- a very open terrain, it looks like.
Interesting to think about how much our geography affects our personalities. While I look forward in some ways to eventually leaving our island -- whose challenging logistics will become more difficult as we age -- I dread the sense of loss I will feel without that vista in my daily life. I suspect I will mourn it more deeply than I can now imagine. Perhaps that is even more true for the landscapes of our youth . . .

indigo16 said...

Mater, I had never thought you would leave, although logistically as we age moving around can be difficult, but yes, to lose that view would be agony.