Friday, 25 March 2011

Monochrome Miffy scores 68

Apart from Monday a much improved effort


Yes, scrabble lovers, Wednesday was a red letter day, I had a quick game of Scrabble with Leyla over tea my first 2 letters out of the bag were a Z then a Q oh joy, I manged to off load the Z with ZIP then suddenly I got a U and there it was Quartz, the Q sat on a double letter score, QUARTZ sat on a double word and hey presto...68 points YEAH ..... A big fat L for Lose, Leyla, there is no greater satisfaction than whooping the arse of a 9 year old at scrabble is there?

I have been very busy helping Kitty with school work this week, her school career is nearly at an end so it is one last push to move some of her grades up, very time consuming to say the least though.

I had a whirlwind purge of my wardrobe on Sunday, sod the fact that the garden now has the contents of a sack of newspaper whirling round it, having spilt from the charity sacks filled with the paper I use to soak up the dogs nightly incontinence. The paper is now wrapped around the rusting bike plus the skeletal remains of last years flower pots. That all of this fails to disguise a large builders sack filled to the brim with top soil from the front garden that I have stuck my rusting washing clothes drier in, is neither here nor there, it will have to wait until Easter for a tidy up.

I have learnt one thing over the years and that is the quality of fabric is paramount to the success, I purged myself of all the cheap cotton skirts I had acquired from eBay over the years, I have given up on eBay, simply because you cannot feel the quality of the fabric and for every wonderful quirky bargain comes a whole bundle of crapola. So out they all went. Although I do not wear the linen of which I have a sack of I know that it will come into it's own if I ever get to Cyprus, trust me Yohji will not quite cut it out there, so while the Japanese influence reigns supreme on home soil, Margaret Howell will pick the baton up in Cyprus.

I have applied to Goldsmith to start an MA, I am at that stage in life where I need something to tide me over my twilight working years and as I have loved my time visiting galleries I decided that I should maybe do something structured to keep me going, watch this space!

And talking of watching, I will be GLUED to my TV watching the last two episodes of The Killing, so many twists and turns and red herrings, I can't wait.

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materfamilias said...

Stop! You're exhausting me! but yes, I know exactly how satisfying that Scrabble win would have been.
an MA and your future (twilight?) career plans sound so amazing. I sometimes think of going back for one more round, maybe languages, but I'm not sure I have the energy anymore. with our strike going on and on, turning rather nasty, though, I do wonder about heading back, keeping on . . . and as they say, a change is as good as a rest.