Monday, 14 March 2011

The view from here

Friday was Watteau @ RA which is truly an excellent show, small but perfectly formed it focuses on his drawings which are exquisite in detail, much has been gathered from galleries from around the world and it was brilliantly displayed. I came away heartened and enlightened just like a good exhibition should..
Dinner at Les Deaux Salons was good this time, we cracked the meat conundrum by having a starter then a salad. They are not the best organised place though, running out of bread for a while and the look of horror when my sister asked for some white bread... Quelle Horreur after an interminable wait one teeny tiny piece arrived. And another thing, they still do not give you anything green with the cheese board. We mentioned it to the waitress who promised to highlight it later. Even the salad had a paucity of leaves, how I ached to run across the road to buy a little gem lettuce instead of the pathetic designer leaves draped some what sadly across my duck.
So onwards to the much anticipated Yohji Yamamoto exhibition, which is dreadful, truly a waste of seven of my finest pounds, I will discuss why tomorrow but lets look at the good, oh there I am. Spring is here and so my leather jacket is back on..

After the V&A I wandered around the corner to Few & Far and spied this jumper Sarah Lund style.
There is an interview with her in this weeks Observer and the good news is there are more to come...Series with Chief Superintendent Lund that is , not interviews! Yeah
I would love to shop this wardrobe, such beautiful clothes all at Few & Far

Spring at the Conran Shop, I love the colour of this sofa, if I ever won the lottery I would buy so much from here.
Blossom is all around London at the moment, it is the beginning of my favourite time of year, the light, the blossom, the green of the leaves...

As I am lumbered with the most ugliest, most annoyingly destructive dog IN THE WORLD , I sometimes wistfully covet something more elegant and better behaved. Are these not adorable?

Finally sartorial style from Hans Place, this photograph does not do her justice, she looked so creamy

Finally why do I blog?
This post is brilliant because
a) even more readers will discover the excellent Belgian Waffle and
b) it really does make sense of why indeed it is such a popular sport. Yes, sport, because I don't know about you slouches but I have to walk bloody miles to bring you this Pandora's box of delights.
I started blogging because like a lot of things I see on the Internet I think, Hell! I can do that, how easy is that? Just pop a few piccy's up, raise a few points, and ramble on self indulgently about my ridiculously shambolic life, easy peasey.
My inspiration at the time was the amazing Dear Ada who hubbed and spoked amazing art like no other blogger could. I could never have kept up with that level of commitment, she sometimes posted 3 different artists a day! Two other blog genii were Susie Bubble and the Queens @ Kingdom of Style, the latter's refusal to bow to commercialism I hold very dear to my heart, because for me there is the rub, so many blogs cow tow to he flashing box in their margin, hard to criticise a company when you are raking it in from them. I can see why so many fall, but sometimes I think if I see one more American Apparel icon flashing at me in my peripheral vision I will scream. So I raise a toast to the Queens for staying true to their roots.
My blog has evolved from something quite superficially decorative into a bit of an unwieldy octopus. It has saved my relationship with Emin because being able to write down how I feel makes me put him into perspective, it is a wholly cathartic experience, a problem shared truly is.... The blog is not wholly anonymous although I wish it were so, I write about what I can cope with being read by most, including Emin, but in my mind it is still me, a keyboard and a couple of bloguettes commenting, it is the intimacy I like, that, and the fact it has forced me to look long and hard at what I have and what I have achieved plus it's made me pathetically grateful in many ways, including facing up to my grammar demons, though THANK GOD for spell check! Please, please don't laugh but even I am seriously thinking I could write a book in retirement, I said write, not publish you understand.
Plus, best of all I even get to meet some of you!

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materfamilias said...

Oh, my dear, I am so very glad that you are blogging, and that we have met, and I echo so many of your thoughts about the enterprise (and I love your description of yours as an octopus -- I see mine the same way -- focus is NOT my specialty).

Will you tell us more about where to see the Watteau?
and I'm so sorry the YY was a disappointment. I was looking forward to that and I know you were.
See you soon!