Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Be still my beating heart

Have you ever seen such a beautiful cardigan? Grey, with the perfect sleeves. The only tiny little problem? The price. £155! Which if you think about the money I fritter on cardies barely worn.... then in that case it's a bargain. No? From Toast

Flicking through last weeks Stella Magazine I fell in love with this image, well the whole dam lifestyle actually. I coveted the apron so much I went to order it, but it was sold out...sob.
I really do need an apron, I am so fussy I can't wear any old thing, I like the idea of neutral tones in linen. I will now keep an eye out for something similar, and yes I know I could make one, but really where is the fun in that?

Oh the cardie is pretty lovely too. Looking for aprons I tripped over this school uniform on the John Lewis web site, is it not divine? I want one!

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