Thursday, 22 September 2011

Bellapais for Mater

As promised some photographs taken well over 10 years ago in Bellapais, (the village where Lawrence Durrell wrote Bitter Lemons.) the Greeks would have tourists believe this monastery has been desecrated by the so called Muslim heathens, yet as you can see it is primped within an inch of its life and very well maintained, as are all the vacated monasteries.
In fact much of Northern Cyprus was better off without the drunken tourist hoards that annually invade the south, including the turtles, and so instead of fighting to see the many architectural sites with the coach loads of tourists you can meander in relative peace.
Memo to self, we must go back when we are there this Christmas, for the day.


materfamilias said...

GASP! So beautiful. More and more, I'm thinking we need to get to Cyprus one of these years. Or at least into that Mediterranean sunshine & ecosystem. The light is sublime.

indigo16 said...

It is and you should! so many places to visit so little time though.