Tuesday, 20 September 2011

What I would love to wear

I don't often like what Anna Wintour wears, much of the time the clothes wear her, so little of her personality comes through, much of it lies hidden beneath, but this outfit not only oozes lux but is also very lovely and very covetable, had I someone to cook and clean for me I too could waft around in such pale tones!


Yes, it was new York fashion week last week and London this week, although I think London has been compressed into a weekend now. I always have a quick skim and only ever copy and paste something I would actually wear or covet, hence the very pared down selection, the Y-3 I adore for obvious asymmetric reasons.

Tim Hamilton

Just LOVE both the zipped top and trousers. surely someone could rip this one off!


No, not the pink trousers, but the top I love, plus the image, in fact GAP is starting to look promising, only I find myself hand washing all of Kitty's uniform a) because she always chooses stripes, what the hell do you wash them with? and b) I still think their jersey shrinks in the machine.


Anonymous said...

Nice ideas. Just bought a really good asymmetrical tunic from Cos, it is in a dark blue fine knit. Also, bought a chunkier slouchy jersey in a midnight blue and a floaty vest to wear underneath. Both really well priced.

indigo16 said...

My will not to buy more COS may have just snapped, they sound lovely.