Friday, 16 September 2011

Something Stripey For the Weekend?

The long and short of Primark.
Both my Primark cardies have been serendipitous purchases, it is not a shop I choose to go shopping in for various reasons, but it ticks Daisy's boxes and the sleep wear is great for Leyla. Walking through last year I spied this cardie, if you can grab the largest size the clothes are fine, this is a lovely stretchy cotton so it goes over most t-shirts and is perfect for the seaside.

This too is from Primark only this time I was waiting for Daisy to appear from the changing room, standing bored witless I started to look around and could not believe this shining beacon of taste and style. Again cotton, but this time loose and soft, this too goes over most things as I managed to procure a size 20.

I love wearing shorts, I do wish we had the climate for them, I love playing around with layering different lengths with them. These shorts have a story too, I bought them 8 years ago for a holiday to Turkey, the summer was unusually hot and so I wore them before we went, of course I washed them and hung them out to dry the day before, and there they stayed until my return.... I could have wept. I have worn them every holiday since, although they are a tiny bit tighter now, but they are the perfect length for me and will, I hope go on for another 8 years, until I retire!

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materfamilias said...

Those are great on you -- and even better with the Primark price, right?
Fabulous legs, btw!