Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Finally getting it right.

I had one pleasurable day last week going through my wardrobe. The weather has changed dramatically and I don't really hold out much hope for an Indian Summer, so back went all those light airy pieces that saw me successfully through the 3 days of summer and back out came the darker tones.
Without a doubt the most influential piece I have posted this summer was the Joan Burstein images. Those photographs of what she wore have seared themselves onto my brain and has had, by far and away the most dramatic influence on the way I put outfits together.
So since my return to work I have outfit wise been riding the crest of a wave.

(Work shows no signs of becoming even remotely enjoyable, the mantra is to entertain and enthuse the students whilst we are bullied into submission. Someone is not seeing the bigger picture here and the ride is no fun either. That is all I will say on the matter as this blog is to keep me uplifted and sane.)

So let me firstly introduce you to one of two summer bargains. I know it is impossible to photograph black successfully, but these are the most gorgeous black trousers purchased for a song from the Uniqlo sale, they are +J, and cut to perfection. I love them particularly for the high waist which corsets me securely. They are pleated around the knee so very flattering especially with a range of COS tops of which this is one.

Second up was this grey marle top bought from would you believe, St Ives, I was covered in sand in full holiday mode when I spied this in a boutique along the harbour front. I had to dig deep to think if I was not duplicating a work top, but risked it, with these jersey trousers it was the perfect way to ease into work mode, and perfect day to night wear.

I met my sister to see a production at the National Theatre of Arnold Wesker's The Kitchen, I studied Wesker at school but despite the best efforts of the actors this play has not aged well and needs serious updating. The first half was excellent, but the second half was gauche and laboured to the point of embarrassing, so I doubt the reviews will be good. It was lovely to see little sis' though.

And layered with a cardie it still looks great, you can just see an impulse buy, it was a gilt necklace that is a tad scratchy, but very lovely. I waited all summer for it to be reduced in the Jigsaw sale, and lo, it came down to £19..SOLD

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materfamilias said...

I think you've really nailed this look. Bravo!